57 errors unzipping the Cubase 10 Pro installation files !!

I downloaded Cubase 10 pro (21GB file size) from the Download Assistant.
Then I tried Unzipping it with the Windows 7 Native UnZip and it results in a failure (which I ‘skipped’ and it goes on to unzip the rest).
So then I tried UnZipping it with 7-Zip and it extracts, but with 57 errors!!!

Most of the Failures seem to be with the VST’s and extra add-on’s, but I dont feel comfortable installing Cubase if there are going to be these 57 errors in the software!!

Has anyone else noticed this problem ?

I am in the process of Re-Downloading the 21 GB files again and see if it happens with the new files.

In the meantime, I wanted to know if anyone else had this issue.

Sounds like your download got corrupted. This isn’t something I’ve seen any other posts about, so don’t think it is commonly occurring.

I am facing a similar issue. I purchased cubase 10 two days ago. My installer comes with the 10.0.4 update. Nevertheless, i re-downloaded and same issue appeared. Obviously the install didn’t proceed successfully as well. At this point, I just want to install Cubase 10 the program, i don’t need any of the 19gbs of additional content. If anyone has a working and decent Cubase 10 installer ( any WORKING version is fine, i don’t care for an update to 10.0.4) please hit me up. Greatly appreciate any help!

My cubase 10 has successfully installed!

the issue must have been an intermittent wifi connection which caused the download of the installer to be corrupt. Downloaded the installer with a different wifi and the installer had no issues.

Use latest Winrar version to extract.