6.0.2 [Bug] Nudge CC data in key edit = scroll-to-top

It seems like something that would have been reported already, but I couldn’t find mention of it…
test nudge.cpr (170 KB)

Create new project or download .cpr file attached.

Add midi track

Open key edit, create a controller lane if necessary and draw in some data.

Draw in a note at C1 (though not necessary to repro this, )

  • make sure the key edit window is not zoomed out completely, or already scrolled to top :slight_smile:
  • Verify nothing is selected

Select the controller data and nudge it using a key command or the nudge buttons in toolbar.

Note Display scrolls to the very top.

Sorry Steve, can’t confirm that here on Mac.

Hm. Well that’s good news, I hope. Are you on 10.6.7?

edit- I see you are on 10.6.6…

Did you have a try using the file I attached?

I will do some Mac maintenance and have another go.

Wait a minute!.. pilot error on my part. Yes, I confirm this. (I had selected everything, including the note, and that worked o.k.) When I selected just the CC# data, it behaved as you said.

Aha! That sorts why it seemed intermittently like an intermittent problem.

Bumping to see if there might be additional confirmations (PC?) or interest.

Confirmed, Cubase 6.0.1 on PC, “works” in drum editor too.


Just before I wanted to ask a question about this, I stumbled on this topic.

So yes, PC confirmed here too.

It also annoyed me in Cubase 5. Since the behaviour is the same in Cubase 6 I wonder if it is a feature we can turn off or a fault.

Procedure I used:

    • Open any or new project
  • Create or select a midi part from around 8 bars and go to the key editor
  • Draw some midi controller data in the controller lane at the end of the midi part (for instance the 7th bar)
  • Zoom in to the 7th bar
  • Select one or more “dots” from the data in the CC lane and try to nudge them left or right with the keyboard (ctrl+left or right)

The window instantly jumps to the first bar of the midi part.

Any news or confirmation on this issue from Steinberg? I could not yet find it in the “bugbase”.

Hopefully we’ll hear something now that Music Messe is finished.


confirmed (28523)

Thanks, Chris

Bug still present in 6.0.2