6.0.3 Video Import broken - longer audio files

When importing video files into 6.03, the audio files are a few frames longer and there is “added” audio at the end.
The audio track directly below the video, is what cubase imported.
The track below that is exported directly from Quicktime, then imported as an audio file. (the correct length)
See image
This worked correctly in 6.02
Cubase Video import.JPG

What does that “extra” bit of audio actually sound like?

It is a 2 frame bit of audio from earlier in the track.

Confirmed here.

Tell the client they have to pay extra for that audio, and then use the money to go out and buy some beer. :mrgreen:

Yea, I think I’m gonna need it.

Here on Mac, it seems fine for me (so far :wink: ), but there is another similar report…
http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=11314&p=73948&hilit=video#p73948&start=3 (see TrevorG’s 2nd post)

I saw that, in fact, that is what made me check, but he did not start a new topic about that issue, and I thought it needs to be seen.


reported for further investigation (29243)

I have found the codec H.264 to be causing the most problems, MPEG-4 is better, but still not right.
If I convert the same video file to DV, it imports correctly.

Just so you know, the problem is still there in 6.0.4