6.0.5 update - VSTDynamics Plugin - Noise Gate not closing

Anyone else getting noise gates permanently open in Cubase 6.0.5 update?

I only spotted it because the ASIO was peaking when it shouldn’t because basically the noise gate isn’t closing and all the other inserts then start to process nothing…

Tried reloading the insert but they just stay with an annoying permanent green on light.

Its killing my ability to mix :frowning:

Hi MarkCST,

please make sure you’ve activated the Gate in VSTDynamics in the bottom line of the plug-in.

Erm, I’m not that stupid…

Also the ASIO performance in the update is appauling.

I used to be able to run several NI plugins like Guitar Rig on several tracks, now lucky to run one.

It appears that Cubase is processing audio plugins when there is nothing to play (hence my attempt at using a gate).

BTW the noise gate not closing is only a problem if its the first insert, it works if its the 2nd input.

I have updated from cubase 5.5 to 6.0.5 today and opened the same project with exactly the same ASIO settings and what had worked (and still does) with 5.5 crackles in 6.0.5 with ASIO performance exceeding the 100%. I am also using mutiple Guitar Rigs. This is very annoying! So it looks like this update was not a step forward - or were you able to find a work around or fix the problem?


Has this been fixed in 6.0.6? I’m not getting the ASIO problems but I can’t get the gate to close if it’s first in the insert chain in 6.0.5