6.02: Recording to Group Trks causes Latency???

I’m not going to post a typical ‘my computer has latency’ query here- I know full well about the issues with external devices etc…

This is about latency inside of Cubase 6.02

The test:
Step 1: create a Groove Agent track
Step 2: Output the audio to a Group Folder
Step 3: Record group folder output to new audio track
Step 4: Compare the start time of the recorded audio with the location of the MIDI note.

In theory, it should be zero, since the audio never left the computer- there are no interfaces or cables or drivers to deal with.

Reality: I’m getting 2668 samples worth of latency. How can this be???

FYI this is as PC, Windows Vista (fully updated and cleaned/maintained), Firewire interface to Alesis IO|26, 3GB RAM, Core2 Duo 8400 3GHZ Processor

See attached pic

What plug are you using with Groove Agent?

Are the sample start at the beginning of it?

Looks like you have Constrain Delay Compensation enabled.

Maybe you have some silence before sample, meaning that sample is not starting immediately?

This be the old Core2duo (and Quad) FSB speed issue. Doesn’t matter how fast your CPU it’s speed will be limited by the data bus speed thru the Northbridge.
On the appearance of C5 I abandoned any hope of stable working with C2Duo and bought an i7 system.

Just C6.02? Would be curious but I think anyone with C6 working on C2Duo is very skilful or very lucky.