6.05 and MediaBay not working

VST Soundset shows up in the Medibay with all the checkmarks and I can audition just fine.

Any other files that are WAVE, it will scan the folder but NOTHING shows up in the preview. Anyone else???


this is what is happening to me! wont play any wav files

media bay or loop browser

You’ve set the filter not to show all media files?

i see all my wav files fine, i have used media bay and loop browser for a longggg time

it worked perfectly in 6.0.3 2 days ago

no sound from any files in media bay or in loop browser

and 6.0.5 killed eucon

Hi - just to say, all seems fine here (after a re-scan). WAVs/loops playing and previewing as expected in MB/Loop browser, along with and at project tempo etc.

No idea about the Eucon thing.