6.05 no joy with loading drivers


Took a few moments to try the 6.05 update from 6.0 a few days ago. Install(s) seem to go just fine. Prefs trashed, etc. However the update will not load any audio drivers. Blank widow saying Cubase could not load the drivers. Tried serveral times.

This is a fresh Win 7 pro install. 6.0 happily exsisting.

Any help or insight appreciated.


Good morning bump

Anyone experience anything like this?

I’ve got the same card… I recall once way back between C5 and 6 I had to actually reinstall the MOTU drivers, which in my case also required removal of the card then reseating it. It was a pain, but after that, all good. Cubase could see it again.

Do you get the default non-asio option in the device panel?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I remember having to do this awhile back with C5 too come to think of it. I’ll give it a try when I get a moment.

Much thanks