6.06 Win 7 64 Corrupt Projects, Crash Logs, NI Guitar Rig

Running Guitar Rig and changing presets causes Cubase to hang and then display a “serious error” message and advises re-savign the project under a new name. Sometimes it won’t even let me do that and I get a “project corrupt” cannot save message.

What is causing this? Currently running 6.06, Win 7 64 should I roll back windows update etc? Or update Cubase?

This has only starting happening tonight, very strange. :frowning:

Also I am still getting crash on quit, every time, whether using the menu of the icon, doesn;t seem to affect projects or saving.

I do run windows update and also update my graphics card drivers

Any ideas?

First of all, try to instal last one Cubase 6.0.x update, which is 6.0.7. And instal the last one update of NI Guitar Rig too.

I have now updated to 6.07 and now trying to recreate the crash. Guitar Rig is at the latest version. The crash/file corruption occurs when switching presets whilst monitoring the guitar input signal. I called ADK who built my PC and their Cubase guru thought it might be a stray preset going missing in the plug in folder.

Thanks for replying if I learn anymore I’ll update this thread.

Still crash on quit every time with 6.07 though…

Now have the same carsh message when using Cleanup to locate unreferenced files… :cry:

Here is the dialog I get doesn;t happen every time either…

Send the Cubase 6 crash log file to the Steinberg support (local dealer).