6/4 problem

Hello again,

Apologies for lots of questions today!

I am having trouble with 6/4 - I want to write crochet, crochet, crochet-tied-to-a-dotted-minim, but this last note always comes out as a semibreve, and typing [3+3]/4 doesn’t seem to help etc.

crochet crochet semibreve would be fine in 3/2, but as it’s in 6/4 (3 +3) it looks grammatically wrong to me (as you wouldn’t have a minim in 6/8)

Thanks so much!


Hello !

Have you tried [1+1+1+3]/4 ? I just checked and it works for me — no need to use o (force duration)

Genius! That works! aha! Thanks very much! Starting to get this… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The only problem thought is that now my rests are messed up - what should be a dotted minim rest comes out as a minim plus a crochet rest…gah!

And…whole bar notes (dotted semibreves) now come out as dotted minim tied to dotted minim :frowning:

Then maybe you should keep the simple solution (6/4) and use Force duration on a local basis, when the default behavior does not please you.

Thanks…off to look up ‘Force duration’…sounds like that is what I need…

Perfect - thank you!