6.5.2 (x64) - Not able to close projects

Hey guys,

Since upgrading to 6.5.2 (x64) I’ve had A LOT of problems when closing projects. 9 out of 10 I have to hard quit the program through the Task Manager. FYI, I’m using Windows 7x64 SP1. I’ve tested a lot of projects as I suspected it might be a plugin-bridge related issue, but I couldn’t find a pattern there. It wouldn’t close properly regardless of the plugins used.

Anyone also had this?


Assuming you’re running Cubase Artist 6.5.2?
Confirm please.

The same is happening here with the Cubase 6.5 30 day demo (full version on the way).

About half the time Cubase has to be killed in task manager. The demo is 6.5.0, full, not Studio.

Cubase 6.5.1

Yes, the same, since 5.xxx

@Shinta 215: Cubase “Full” 6.5.2, not “Artist”.

Similar thread here -> https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3291

Let’s post our issues there.

Admins, please close this one.

There is no Cubase “full” 6.5.2
The 6.5.2 hotfix was only for Artist.

That may be your problem.