6.5.3 kills older Steinberg plugins

6.5.3 has killed MultibandCompressor, Overdrive and Q.

These were the old PPC plugs, but up till 6.5 they still loaded via the bridge - albeit temperamentally.

Now though you get a Syncrosoft error when you try and instantiate them. Others from that series such as Quadrafuzz and VST Dynamics still load fine.

I know these are old but for compatibilities sake it would be good if this was fixed in the next build.

If you’re getting Syncrosoft errors, then it isn’t Cubase.
What error specifically are you getting?

Have you updated your e-licenser control center to the latest version?

It is the eLicenser that has dropped support for PPC.
Try re-installing the previous eLicenser.

I get this too. I tried this with 6.5.3 before updating eLicencer (from June 8) and got the error (on a Mac). I updated eLicenser and got the same error.
Trying to backpedal with an earlier version from eLicenser’s archive presents a really old version from Aug 2010. Way too old…didn’t bother.

Got some odd prompts as well…here’s the sequence:

Yes, the eLicenser for PC is that old (but obviously doesn’t concern PPC plugins :wink:.
But, just underneath is the one for Mac, dated 30/05/12 (and I think that one still supports the PPC plugins) :slight_smile:.

Ah…I missed that. OK, put it in and those plug-ins now launch.

I’m just wondering how this will play out as developers who use the licensing system update their products along with the usual eLicencer database update to accommodate them.

I’ll try the old driver later to see if it fixes it, although as weasle says in the post above, this fix is reliant on not getting any new syncrosoft protected products in the future.

I’m sure 6.5 still worked with these plugs though - I’ve been going through around a hundred old archived sessions this last month so I’ve needed these plugs, and I’ve not had the syncrosoft problem. As 6.5.3 didn’t install a new Syncrosoft driver - it would have required a restart, why has it suddenly broken?

It’s not the version of Cubase that is important, it’s the version of the eLicenser.

You’re right - its working fine.

It would be nice if Steinberg could release these plugins protection free - they’re of no significant value to anyone on the open market, but a massive help to those of us who have been Cubase users for years.

I’ve got over 20 years worth of work going back to the pre-audio versions of Cubase. The change’s from Cubase VST to Cubase SX to Cubase 4 and above cause significant hurdles when trying to revisit older sessions. It’s long time overdue that Steinberg addressed this issue in a professional manner. I can still open and access my oldest ProTools sessions that are 15 years old thanks to there always having been a way to access all the data within a session file.