6.5.3 Selected Track Gets Small?

With this new version, I’ve noticed that when I select a track in the track list, when it becomes highlighted, it minimizes the height (which is the opposite behavior of what you’d think we wanted). Is this a change? Is there a way to turn it off? Thanks!

Update: I just noticed that in Preferences/Editing/Project and Mixer/ “Enlarge Selected Track” was checked. I unchecked it and it fixed the problem. Seems like it’s working in reverse.

Try this: When the option is enabled, just manually enlarge the selected track to the height/width you want it to be and then this behaviour should follow for every other selected track. Cubase remembers this manually altered value.

Also, if I may say so: you might also want to adjust the height or your signature (it’s pretty large). :wink:

Thanks. Yeah, I never really use that feature anyway. Not sure how it got activated in the first place. Perhaps the new version activated it.

Good point about the signature. I’m noted for being a little long winded. Perhaps this helps.