6.5.4 is crashing

I had a fairly stable 6.0.5 setup, but now I upgraded to 6.5.4 and Cubase keeps crashing every 5-10 minutes.

Even Steven Slate said that 6.5.4 is bad and is crashing his software.

What to do?

You could maybe post some details so people round here could try to help?

Well it crashes in random places, so it´s hard to give any details. Just out of nowhere it crashes, sometimes when I do nothing.


2011 Mac Pro, up to date Mountain Lion
Apogee Symphony I/O, up to date firmware and software

But is it really my job to keep troubleshooting these Cubase problems or is it Steinberg´s job and responsibility to make us stable software for the money that we pay?

Only that most people have a good stable 6.5.4 setup, so it must be something peculiar to your setup!

I´m running the same projects than before with 6.0.5. which was stable. There should be no difference in stability, but there is a huge difference.

Better rollback or whatever people on Mac’s do, to 6.0.5 then!

How do you do the “rollback”? I´ve never had to do this before. You just install the 6.0.5 on top of the 6.5.4? Where can I get the 6.0.5? I don´t have it anymore.

Well, if you put it that way, it’s certainly not the other users’ job… Better put in a support request through Steinberg.net, cause there must be many users working very happily with 6.5.4 on a similar system.

So… Slate Digital is reporting crashes with their software while using 6.5.4? Or was he including all software brands? Is he PC or Mac?

FWIW, I have tried the SD product demos without issue on my PC.

Well, I’m using full versions of RC Tube and VTM from Slate Digital without issues in Windows 7. So there is no problem for me in PC regarding these 2 plugins from Slate Digital.

When is 6.5.5 coming? Still crashing everytime I use SSD4. :imp:

Slate support is saying that I should move back to 6.5.3, since “6.5.4 isn’t fully qualified by Steinberg themselves”. :confused: