6.5.4, MR816X CPU dropout problems

Hi, I am running a 2011 27 inc iMac, OSX 10.8.2, 4 gigs ram, 3.1 Intel core.

Yamaha MR816x, fully up to date on drivers/firmware (1.7.3 MR driver set). Cubaes 6.5.4, fully up to date, not cracked (duh).

On both playback and recording, my CPU will spike, and sound will stop. The CPU spikes both in Cubase (via the CPU monitor in the main control strip) and on the OSX Mac Activity Monitor. Cubase spikes to between 65 and 70% in the monitor, 577 megs mem, and between 79 and 90 threads.

What is going on? I have gone through the forums and have found a number of problems with the 1.7 drivers for the MR, but I have tried everything but going back to the 1.6 drivers (which is a massive pain in the ass). What else should I check, and what is going on? I didn’t have any issues prior to 1.7, so I guess this is a driver issue. Who has the fix?




What is your Buffer Size settings? Do you use any plug-ins in the project? How many? Which one?

Hi, I think my buffer is 256 (not at my machine now).

However, I think it was a wonky plugin. I removed it, and now it seems stable. Ill keep updating.