6.5.4 syst Requirements Problem.

THis is my last chance to avoid selling or giving back my brand new Cubase 6.5.4

first i was afraid of the 64 bit issues between 32 and 6bits4 plug ins. But using C6 without any Vst already caused video problems, made me wait 3 or 5 minutes for each task.

Steinberg asks for minimun requirement, but i think they should ask for maximun requieremet.

i can figure that my i7 with .7200rpm. 6RAM is not enough for the system to work as it should/

Ive installed 4 times and cant get things go better.

Very upset.

Thanks for answering.

You just need to adjust the correct setting

what settings>?

can you be more specific?

I ve tried almost everything.

I was as specific as I could get with the info provided.

So far we know you have a computer of some kind and Cubase. Not much to go on.

never mind, I see you have multiple useless posts. If you want to rant, have fun. If you want help, calm down and explain what you are trying to do, what you are using to try and do it, what your settings are, what your soundcard is, etc… Otherwise, good luck.

Ok, thats true, im desperate, and need to calm down.

My system is as folow>

Sony Vaio Windows 7 home Premium
Intel Core 17 cpu Q740//@1.7Ghz
Ram 6.00 Gb
64-Bit operation system.

Saffire Le Firewire audio sound card. via Pci Express Port (with saffire Le driver for cubase)

Trying to run Cubase 6.5.4. I.ve been 4 days so far, making changes in my system, uninstalling process and devices that are not needed (watching the performance in the task manager, stopped almost everything at msconfig)

Im not used to forums, i appologise for my conduct. But im desperated, and need some help. I dont think the steinberg resp would give my money back, I would prefer to have an old version…

Wow, there are so many little things to set correctly in Win7 to make it good for recording. You should google “how to setup a DAW using Win7” or something similar. You should find a few suggestions.

Off hand, the auto file system on Win7 is very intense and needs to be shutdown, to be initiated when you need to access a file or files. On my desktop, for example, I have over 500G of mp3 music and Win7 would spend ten minutes on startup listing these files. Worthless.

I also note that you have Cclean. Within its startup window you should clear ALL tasks under the four tabs found there. You don’t mention this but are you online when you are using your recording software? Don’t be, turn this off. The only thing running should be Cubase. Good luck.

Do these for starter, and see if those helped

Yes, +1 on what Jari said.

Thanks Mr Roos!

I ve been playing for 3 hours yesterday. and two more today without crashing (only vst instruments). Thing are much better, but i still have to continue testing the system.

I now have only 36! processes in the task mannager(for the very first time!), having to put AVG services down
everytime, not only the temporaly disable option, but the service too, as well for the internet conection obviously-

Im not sure of this works but im running cubase with the 256 colour option …right click on the c6 shortcut: Properties/Compatibility/…

still have to try with DPC Latency checker and see whats going on.

Ive produced 2 albums with cubase 5 (Stream The Empire of the Moon music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud), and planning two more with this brand new 6.5 :wink:

I share this option to see if im correct doing what im doing. My system was perfect with the c5 version, so i can figure c6 demans lots of process to the already demander Os w7

I also I use C6 for Live perfromance, thats why i really need stability.

I share this option to see if im correct doing what im doing. My system was perfect with the c5 version, so i can figure c6 demans lots of process to the already demander Os w7

Your i7/6gig / W7 or 8 rig should handle Cubase 6. Whatever is wrong is just a configuration issue and probably LOOKs a lot worse than it actually is. Fixing it via the forum can be hit or miss, though. Depends who hits just the right button for you.
Unseen, my money would be on some security issue or other. Another thing you could do is to wait about a half hour after booting the computer before starting Cubase (turn it on, make breakfast etc) to make sure Windows isn’t dicking around in the background archiving or something and using some function Cubase needs.

OK, on that Properties window, yes, I see this. I have no boxes checked and would urge you to untick that 256 box.

I also noticed that box on the bottom that I had not seen before, ‘Use as Administrator’. This might take care of some install issues others have run into, but I do not have this box checked either. ?? I think since most problems are install problems this is not that important here. The installer asks if you are the Administrator, and you have to check ‘yes’ but to run the program I don’t think it matters. Anybody else?

im on it jari, nice article !!!:slight_smile:

Yes, Administration doesn’t matter. It’s just just security and for Cubase a pain.
Emulation? Maybe give it a try.

At this stage I’d consider downloading something like Reaper and see if that shows the same problems.

Cleanup and defrag after a major install of Cubase and/or anything else might also help. Sometimes it’s the simple things.

Is it necessary to connect thru pciexpress? Do you got usb2 port on the laptop?
You do know that focusrite drivers sucks big time, I was amazed, that they don´t have native ASIO-drivers, and that you have to use ASIO4ALL… Even my old ESI 1010 pci has native 64-bit ASIO-drivers. Can you also test it with another soundcard?

Jari, im goona try with presonus project studio, the one i use when i go to the studio (this is my home studio that im asking for help.)

Vaio computers have the small port for firewire, the ones made for cameras, so i have to use the pci.
But in C5 My firewire was perefect. I dont use preams of my Saffire, i know it sucks. I will buy a presonus as soon as i have the money

But focusrite saffire firewire drivers were not a problem before, dont know why they would be now!

Hi there,

in your other post I recommend to do a fresh installation of Windows 7.
If you use multiple posts with the same topic, you should at least read the answers, because the guys in this post may not know what you already have done before.

"Hi there,

  1. Spybot, do not use this tool if you use a DAW, Spybot could change/block elemental registry settings, that are needed. Never use an automatic registry cleaner.
  2. 256 Mode could break your system down, especially if you have a modern Graphic card.
  3. With a Saffire LE you will have issues with 5ms latency, if you set it higher, still got problems?
  4. Do not kill any process in your Taskmanager, some are in need for a proper system usage.

My recommendation is a fresh install of Windows 7, do not use the Jbridge because it will need more CPU power. If you want to use Cubase for a live setup, just use the 32-Bit version.
Then use the DPC latency checker tool in order to sort out the issue."

Best regards,


Markus, is true, only that my intention was to split the issue, from system os, to video problem, but the post was directed to installation and the same advices appeared as the time paassed

1 …What can i do to check for robots trojans, and similar net problems without spybot?

2… I ve turned 256 colours out …

  1. Saffire Le worked perfectly well for a couple of years with C5. Why would i have a problem with the same hardware and driver?

4…of course i wont kill any important process. as i want my os working! I know that, here is a link to a configuration named twicked.(did help me reaching almost 35 processes, that on windos 7 is difficult to do)

Thanks again for talking the time to answer, and sorry for the multiple post.

the configuration name is Tweaked, :slight_smile: