6.5.5. the perfect thing?

Too bad that 6.5.5 will the last and final C6 version - to me C6 would be absolutely perfect if these problems and issues would get sorted out:

  • the annoying MIDI-recording pre-delay with virtual instruments - as discussed in many threads before. A simple option to control the offset of the recorded notes (only for VIs!) would be much appreciated. There’s no problem with external MIDI devices.
    My work-around for virtual instruments is a logical preset that pushes the Midi notes a few ticks to the right…but why an extra key-stroke for such a basic thing??

  • the elastique bug
    Steinberg Forums
    I haven’t seen a serious comment from Steinberg on this issue so far (or am I wrong?)

  • hit point detection / slicing never really worked for me in Cubase (but it works great in Recycle…)
    I did a lot of tests but never had good results with it.

  • VST3 plug-in management - ProTools may be even worse - but what bothers me is that the VST2s plug-in management used to be already perfect.

  • small bugs in the internal channel routing no big thing but somehow irritating / worrying.
    [solved?] First sidechain send not always showing up! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
    Routing Issue With Duplicated Group Channels - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
    I havent checked yet, but I guess these issues are still present in 6.5.5. - at least I havent read about a fix.

did I forget something?

well, let’s hope for a cubase 8 (probably coming just before christmas!)


Yeah, we didn’t spend enough for updates/upgrades during the last 2 years… :unamused:

before this christmas we’ll get 7.5 (hopefully) :unamused: