6.5 Audio click/pop on Export

It has been quite a while since I posted anything out here . . .

So, I recently updated and went to 6.5.

Wondered if anyone has experienced this . . .

I get small clicks/pops during audio export. This does NOT happen during playback. Only during the resulting export.

I have about 50 tracks running and playing back without issue. No pops, clicks, or CPU spikes or anything. I have frozen my tracks and listened to the output from that. No clicks/pops there either.

So, it seems to be isolated to the output from the mix-down export. I have run various settings (16, 32, 24 bit, 44.1, 48, etc) on the export to see if that changes the clicks or makes them go away. It does not. These clicks/pops are not huge but they are noticeable.

I have also tested backwards to 6.0.5. The clicks/pops do not show up in that version.

Here is a reference to what I am talking about:

(I can do another link with a non-transcoded mp3 as well or anything else if needed)

You can hear them at approximately: 1:11 1:16 1:23 (especially the last one).

Any thoughts or suggestions here would be great.


I missed em the first few times even when I knew the timecode, they’re really soft!
Have you tried realtime export?

Yes, they are fairly quiet. They show up much better in the WAV export or MP3 export. Once they are transcoded out to SoundCloud some of that fidelity seems to be lost.

I have not tried the real-time export yet. Good suggestion. I will try that this evening and post the results.

Just odd that it would pickup on a standard export in this new release. :slight_smile: