6.5 bug? static/hiss/pops on exported songs

Hey I have a new problem that i have noticed with 6.5

i exported 16 songs i have been working on, and the exported files have static scattered through out them. I have never had this problem with any of my previous versions of cubase.

I will install the update 6.5.1 and try again and report back.

Has anyone else has this problem? even with other versions of cubase

I’ve not had your exact problem, but there is definitely something flaky with exporting mixes in 6.5.

One track I’m working on garbles the audio on a vocal track when you export the full mix. It plays back perfectly, but when you export it, on 3 out of 4 bounces the audio gets screwed at the exact same point.

On another track, every track has been frozen prior to archiving - so no plugs / vst’s etc playing back, just plain audio files. It plays back perfectly, but when I export the mix, a group track cuts out half way through - I can’t export a complete mix without unfreezing the parts.

On another track I’ve got garbled static from a frozen bass part embedded in the frozen audio of a drum track!

I’m also going to try 6.5.1 even though it supposedly only fixes a score issue. In all my years of using Cubase there has never been an issue with exporting mixes till now on this latest version.

I was exporting at 32bit… since changed it to 16 and worked fine and burnt to cd fine. i havent tried 24bit though…

If you’re going to burn CD from the exported files, you always should export 16-bit.
Use 24-bit if you’re sending the tracks to 3rd party mastering house.
Use 32-bit ONLY if you’re going to do some further editing yourself. 24-bits is usually fine in this case also.