6.5 changing sound problem-help please

Hi there Steinberg & anyone else who can help,

I’ve just updated to 6.5 from 6.03 & it seems to have caused a problem with some plugins.

When I upload a song written in the older version some of the instruments play back differently & also the vst3 preset folder is different so I have to find the old presets & put them in the new folder?

Anyone else had anything like this?

If I load the correct vst3 preset while it’s playing back itjumps in & starts playing correctly but when I play it again from the beginning it changes again. It feels like it’s changed a cc command or something .

Any idea what it’s changed please steinberg?? I really need to fix this.

Kind regards, Codsworth :confused:

Might be related to this !?:


and or this…


Cheers Felix