6.5 latency

I upgraded to 6.5 it hung on me a few times, after a few reboots this seemed to go away.

In the 6.0.5 version I was able to track with effects on with no latency, now with 6.5 I cannot.

Any ideas?

I am seriously thinking about rolling back

Check your Asio settings and also Trash your preferences.

Thank you for the reply

Please expand on the asio settings, what and where ?

I am on win7 so no preferences folder

ASIO settings…The correct driver selection within Cubase & then the correct buffer settings in your soundcard software control panel.

I am on win7 so no preferences folder

Not sure what gave you that idea, but it’s incorrect.

The buffer settings for my interface have not changed unless there is a location in Cubase that I need to change.

And how do I trash my prefernces in windows?

Windows Start button / Choose “all programs” / Steinberg + Cubase folder / then “Application data folder”
Delete the contents of the App data folder.

I did that and went through the fun of setting up the connections to my DM-24 again and still the same peoblem.

Now it is hanging and cant find the licenser

6.0.5 seemed solid, I only upgraded to stay current,I hope that Steinberg Dev and QC watch this forum

I rolled back and things seem to be back to normal.

Im going to wait for a 6.5 patch to try again

Reinstall the E-Licenser software and try again.

the licenser is causing the latency?

Your buffer settings are either in Cubase device setup or your host interface may have them. Go to devices/device setup/vst audio system. What are your input and output latency readings?

I already rolled back.

I upgraded from 6.0.5 to 6.5. The first thing was the hanging, it took a few reboots to get it to stay running. Once it did the latency with any effects or eq made it unusable.

I am using a TASCAM DM-24 with generic remote, the latency between the faders also made it unusable.

I rolled back and all is well again.

When we get a few more patches for 6.5 I will try again, until them 6.0.x it is