6.5 - No longer possible to bounce blank audio events?

6.5 is beautiful! But…

Is it no longer possible to alt+click+drag on an audio track to create a new blank audio event that can be bounced?

I used to frequently draw blank audio events next to other audio in order to bounce as longer events. (for process->plugin->reverb, and other reasons). Now, it seems to draw an audio event, but it can’t be bounced with anything.

Is there an option somewhere to get this functionality back?

Cubase 6.5
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Core2Duo e6400 2.13GHz


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Also, in case you haven’t noticed, under the “more” section in the plug-in process window you can choose to add a tail of up to 10 seconds, but since you write that you use blank parts for other things that won’t help in those cases.

Several DAWs have a “generate” function for silence, white noise and other simple signals, feature request for Cubase?


The range selection tool…

The range tool does it!


Also, good to know about the option to add a tail in process-plugin… Has that always been there? This program never ceases to amaze me.