6.5 on a tablet for remote recording? No mixing/editing.

Don’t know squat about the tablet world–was about to grab a laptop when I thought the small size of a tablet would be convenient for recording friends’ live shows. I would need a USB or Firewire port for an interface. Of course, the drivers for the interface would need to be compatible also.

What’s the latest news? Any particular models BEST for this? I read the the Microsoft tablets using ARM will not run Cubase. Trying to learn more…

THANKS!! :mrgreen:


Check out the latest ASUS T100, running Windows 8.1 and quadcore Intel BayTrail SOC. Only 2 GB RAM, that could be a bit problematic.
NOTICE : Do NOT know the performance of Cubase on this thing.
Have seen YT vids where games like FIFA14 run quite smoothly on this € 350 tablet, keyboard included.
Internal space is some 17 GB, windows of course takes up a great deal of the original 32 GB space, so microSD should be employed for more storage. It even comes with 2 USB ports.