6.5 on XP thumbs up

Just to re-assure you other Luddites out there!

6.5 is working fine on my trusty XP workhorse. It doesn’t seem to be pulling more CPU. No issues with loading the update

I was a little in doubt that 6.5 would be good value for me, but playing with Padshop has convinced me. This synth alone more or less justifies the outlay. Retrologue style sounds I already have quite covered, but it looks good at first glance. I’ll be using Morphfilter too.

Briefly looking at Lanes which I abandoned ages ago as more pain than gain reveals that it now works in a way that I find intuitive. So I can now build Lanes into my workflow too


Parrotspain - you the MAN!


OK, thanks you for the headsup, too, 'cause I am still an XP guy as well.

And actually, as I am downloading 6.5 right now, is the 6.5 a whole new thing - as was C6 to C5? And does this mean I will have C5, C6, and C6.5 able to operate on my PC, with only 6.5 on my dongle? I am really confused here what with seeing the C6.06 update coming this week. Will C6.5 just supersede C6.06? WTF? Can somebody sort this out for me please? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reassurance :smiley: I always look for this now XP is unsupported.

Are there only four of us! :frowning:

I think C6.06 is bug fixes for people who dont want to pay for C6.5.
C6.5 can replace C6.

I dont think C6.0.5 can coexist with C6.5, it will get replaced. There is still just a Cubase 6 folder in my Documents and Settings.

I think C6.06 is bug fixes for people who dont want to pay for C6.5.
C6.5 can replace C6.


My old tweaked XP seems to have ample whizzbang still - and I run pretty heavy projects all the time, this isn’t just a weekend machine. I do keep it clean and tidy though.

I will build a new machine this year and make the leap I expect, but I don’t relish the prospect. I’d rather be concentrating on the art and craft of music and sound, not bridging 32bit vstis and chasing software snafus


OK, 6.5 is working very well here on XP for me. And I see that 6.5 replaces anything that was ‘6’ before it. Er, which would be 6.01, 6.02, etc. And this is fine with me. It seems to find my 6.05 files acceptable for use and that’s good, too. The synths work great and sound great… eh, everything seems good here. Very happy about 6.5 at this point, thanks Steinberg, and thanks to Parrotspain for the headsup.

Initially I upgraded from C4 to C6 on my trusty XP machine and the program works. However, I cannot get Halion Sonic SE to show up anywhere in C6. Halion, from C4 shows up in the VST drop down in the inspector but no patches are available and no Sonic SE shows up. Did anyone else have this problem? Of course Steinberg support wont help because I have XP.

I also haven’t been able to find loopmash or the new components added in C6.5 which I downloaded today.

I’d sure appreciate some advice on this because I’m jealous that you guys aren’t having any problems. :blush: