6.5 Question

Is show/hide tracks part of this update?
Any show/hide functionality in the key editor?

Unfortunately no… :frowning:

Great. REALLY great. :imp: Well it´s a persistent feature request since 2003, how could someone dare to expect that highly complicated functionality to arrive already in 2012. Congratulations, now that even Studio One 2 has it, besides Logic, Pro Tools and that piece of cr…Sonar, I´m getting slightly… impatient.

Isn’t this something you can do with the Project logical editor? What are you looking for?

No, isn’t possible yet…

No, it can not be done with the Project logical editor. I need a simple feature which is part of any other DAW, except Cubase/Nuendo for some unknown reason.
this (ProTools)

this (Logic)

and this (Studio One)

it´s also in Sonar since ages, but I did not find a video.

I guess they expect you to use folders for that sort of thing…keeping the UI manageable, though it doesn’t exactly take those tracks down to nothing.

You can do it on the mixer, just not in the project window. I’d like it on the project window as well.