6.5 rewire & reason 6

Hi All,
Ive got my rewire running fine but when i come to do an audio mixdown whatever is playing in reason is out of sync?
Like its starting on the wrong bar?
Ive tried the bar offset function and it still makes no diff at all.
Am i missing something here?
Any help would be greatr

You’re saying that it plays back fine in real time, but then in the mixdown it is out of sync.

Is Reason early or late? Is it off by exactly one or more bars, quarter notes, or some random value?

Is the MIDI for the out of sync Reason track(s) coming from Cubase through ReWire or from Reason itself?

Windows/mac? 32 or 64 bit Reason/Cubase? Probably irrelevant, but details don’t hurt.

This is a known issue with Reason since version5.
The solution is to start the song at Bar 2 and when exporting do not have your markers set to anything before Bar 2.
So you may need to shift both Cubase and Reason tracks to start at bar 2 and not bar 0.
If I can find the Propellerhead forum post that explained it, I will post it.

Thanks for the reply guys, very helpfull.

Yes, Johngar is correct. I don’t know if our paths crossed on this issue but it was a while back when I posted the same conclusion.

Both Reason and Cubase have had major revisions…and still this issue exists. Nice, huh?