6.5 to 7 is it worth it?

Hey all you 7 users, is it worth the upgrade, all I see is a new mixer and chord track that’s interesting…

In my experience, the upgrade to C7 is great. Rock solid 7.0.3 here, but you will find that some users are having issues with it.
Try the trial version first and then you’ll have a better understanding of the differences between the versions. You could also look at http://www.youtube.com/user/SteinbergSoftware.

Is it worth what?

I suppose it depends on how much extra cash you have on hand and how much you desire the new changes/features/enhancements/regressions.


Watch the YouTube videos, download the trial, decide for yourself.

For me, I’m glad I upgraded. However, I’m not a pro user and my curiosity got the best of me. So far, so good for the most part. I don’t seem to be having nearly the issues some users have been reporting. Some graphics problems, but I’m sure (I hope) they will be ironed out in the near future.

Oh, and you might need to create a new forum account/username :wink: .

To be honest the mixer is decent but for the money it’s not really worth it.

Not yet…

An essential upgrade for me. I couldnt stand working with the old mixer.( I always preferred Logic Pros mixer setup) This is way more efficient in my opinion. Some say otherwise though. Chord track is super handy if you compose as well!

As already said, you could make your mind with the trial version. I don’t think that it will do any harm to your current setup.

But to be honest, my answer is NO : too much problems UI related, too much resources used, endless waiting for any project loading with samples involved, useless ASIO guard and RCE, clunky MixConsole, among others…

Sorry, Steiny, but C7 at its present state is still a rough draft, with unacceptable UI and workflow regressions…

Thanks for the feedback, I will try the demo, How is the multi-monitor support ? are the windows now truly detachable? in other words, if on the 2nd monitor focus is no longer cubase, will it still show the other related windows?
In 6.5 if you lose focus you will not see the child windows.

I’d wait until 7.0.4 is out, see if the remaining bugs have been addressed, if they have, I’d upgrade. As it is now, it’s not stable enough and there are still too many bugs.

OMG, I’m gonna be rude. Do you ask former boyfriends of your new girlfriend “is she good?”? Who knows “is she good for you”, just try her!
Ask specific questions like "if on the 2nd monitor focus is no longer cubase, will it still show the other related windows? "



I would wait , there is still a lot to iron out and your taking a 50/50 chance that you’ll be ok

Just installed it, updated it to 7.03, 1st major issue, which is not even funny, MOX8 VST, sustaining notes? WTF…?

You’ve installed the trial, or have you bought the upgrade?

Updated the demo version 7.0.3, which is the full version! with the 30 day licence expiration … yes it is buggy!, went back to 6.5 no issues with MOX8 VST 64bit.

Are you using the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver 1.7.3?

Yes of course, I never use old drivers and did I mention switching back to Cubase 6.5 it works fine?

As it stands, C7 is not ready for sane work.

Mixer quirks… graphic problems… sound that disengages itself (suddenly there’s no sound, probably something in the control room is broken)… and more.

The thing is, it is ALMOST there. but the little problems that will make you pull your hair out… makes it - at the time being - a No-Go.

Cubase 6.5.4 is rock solid.

Oh, by the way… I literally HATE the graphic scalability of then new mixer. it is such a debacle… why wont they hard code fixed sizes (or let US choose pre defined sizes) ? can one “stretch” his hardware mixer ?? no. you have either a big or small mixer.
God, it is sooooo irritating… :unamused:

I’m trying to help you. Your absence of detail about your problems doesn’t help. My C7.0.3 rig works just fine, so I suggest you spend some time to do some thorough work, isolate the issue and cut the sarcasm. When you’ve done that, perhaps the forum can provide ways forward for you.


I ended upgrading after the trial, mostly cos it fixed a number of issues that have always been with C6 for me (I was on 6.0.7). The biggest one was the record undo bug which seemed to affect very few people but drove me insane - every single session I’d curse Steinberg’s name, repeatedly. They also fixed Quick Controls naming over EuCon, never sorted in C6x. The other one was - ironically - a bug that to me was a feature! In 7.0.2 the mixer channels display just the first characters of a track name, not a shortened name. That’s way, way better to me. Sadly they “fixed” this in 7.0.3! I’m destined to stay on 7.0.2 unless they add is as a preference. I’ve had no graphics or stability issues.

Very much depends on your workflow and system I guess.

I am sorry didn’t mean to sound sarcastic, but I have all the new drivers from Yamaha MOX8 (MIDI/AUDIO USB, Remote Extensions, VST64bit) in local controls on MOX8 is turned off, all Monitoring is turned of, when I play a piano patch or any patch I get the sustain… all remote and audio functions work as they should.
I exit 7, and go into 6.5, with same VST setup for MOX8 and no issues what so ever. I am still looking into if there are any other settings that can cause this issue. I love the cord track functionality that is like having a music teacher sitting next to you, teaching you about harmonics, for that alone it’s worth the upgrade. but I want this MOX8 issue resolved before I order my copy.