6.5 Trial version is up!

6.5 Trial version is up!

Unfortunately, it seems that the Trial functionality is not yet implemented. The download is available, but there is currently no means to obtain a Trial License. There used to be a page (N5 and N6) that directed you to fill out a form and receive a Trial License # via email, but it looks like they have not implemented that yet for 6.5

So, yes, you can download and successfully install a Trial version of 6.5, but no, you cannot use it yet. There is currently mo means to get a license. I’m sure they’ll have that corrected soon.

Oh boy! :unamused:

I’ve downloaded it and installed it, then clicked on Authorise on the Start Center screen - but then what?

The latest eLC does not download either!

How do we get an Authorisation Code?

Is this frustration a design feature?

No have the same overhere, have to wait I’m afraid.

The support ticket is submitted, so Steinberg should know this by tomorrow :slight_smile:

Same thing here. Just downloaded 6.5 trial. Was surprised I didn’t get the web page asking for email information.

Two steps forward.



Thanks, SB.

And now to why you willl continue to use Nuendo, and not move to Cubase? :wink:
Even though you are, like me, a music only producer.

PS. No nagging, just a reminder.

I will of course try out the N6.5 trial. Thanks for info :slight_smile:

So yesterday I finally got the Nuendo Demo code, but the code is for version 6.0 and not 6.5.
Therefore - I still cannot load the Demo of Nuendo 6.5. :frowning:

I’m collecting a list.

Since 6.5 just came out, I’m thinking it would be good to start a Tips, Tricks post for 6.5. I’ve already found some stuff I like a lot. Maybe wait a week or so till people get their feet wet.


I have just installed the N6.5 Trial, almost as we speak :wink:

I have received what seems like a nuendo 6 trial code. I have an old nuendo 6 trial already on my elicenser, so when I attempt to use the code I get an error that a Nuendo 6 authorization is already on the elicenser, but when I launch nuendo 6.5 it says I have no license and asks me to put in the code… :unamused:

You have to update your eLicenser. It doesn’t know what 6.5 is until you update.

Yes, I tried that and it still says that I have a Nuendo 6 license - not Nuendo 6.5 license.

Disappointed, if only because I can’t seem to trial 6.5 with NEK, only without…
Since NEK is a big part of my workflow, I have no way of testing it properly.

same problem as bobdemaa and AndrewW… Can’t trial 6.5 with my “old” Nuendo 6 Trial-License but also can’t put the new trial-license on my eLicenser as there already is a Nuendo6 Trial… :frowning:

That is weird. I know this does not help, but I had an N6 Trial license and updated to the N6.5 Trial licence with no problems.

Hope you get it solved soon - It will be worth it!

Saw a post that this might be a problem with the Mac Trial version.
Can you give it a try by selecting the Windows version?
It worked for at least one person …


Thanks Fredo!
That worked :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to test!

Same problem here…Mac version trial wouldn’t update on my eLicenser since there was an older trial on there. I authorized it on a second eLicenser but it still won’t run,even though the authorization shows up.

The Windows code worked! Thanks Fredo.