6.5 - Why is saving still so slow?

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I changed my Time Machine disc in my Mac and hey presto - near instantaneous saving time!

I’m sure it doesn’t apply to you windows users, but this might mean something to Mac users


no one find issue ? it’s amazing … nuendo is one of the most expensive daw on the market , and basic save / auto save in the background can’t work properly. What is more important to save the perfomance that’s the musician did when you recording ?

steinberg please ? any info ? will you fix it ? when ? what can we do ?


Have you tried the tips in the thread?

Check amount of automation, hit points and offline history data?

Whenever I notice saving times are getting longer I check for unnecessary material (older projects, etc.) and remove them to free up more space. After that saving times are usually back to normal. Might have something to do with using SSD drives and TRIM not working properly.

Cheers, Martijn.

Just to report… having long saving times (not long as some of you but still…), 10 sec or so, for saving empty project, with no audio, midi events, nothing. Just loaded my template with around 40 Kontakt instances full of instruments ( every instance with 8-16 instruments, samples all purged). Around 250 midi tracks, around 100 kontakt outputs.

I did some testing…all those instruments loaded in Kontakts are the reason for long save time. If I unload them, and leave all kontakt instances empty, all the midi tracks, audio outs and all plugins (every audio out has instance of virtual scoring stage 2) stay as well, instant saving time are back.

I see VE Pro as obvious solution for this, but… is this really necessary? I feel like the reason for my long saving times is the same as all of the users are reporting.

Is C 8.05 resolved saving time for all of you from this thread?

Just as a sort of update to Hitpoints and Save Time (and file size of XML and csh) as I think it is very important to know especially for postproduction editors.

I have being struggling with a Nuendo session having very long save time (up to 70 sec). It being not more then the Production Sound of a 75 min documentary I was wondering what is special in this project. The only point that made sense regarding save time was the very long audio files that are used in this session (quite a few with 60 up to 120 min.)
Just for a test I did a back up project with reducing audio files to clip length….and yes, save time now was so short you could not even feel it.
Now back to the real project. I had to do a XML export of it. XML of this 40 MB session came out at around 600 MB. I sent this xml to a friend who is into writing code to take a look at it. He found that the text of this XML is 99% about HITPOINTS.
I remembered then the posts in this thread and turned of Hitpoint Detection.
But obviously once that session was open with Hitpoint Detection ON……. the damage was done. For every clip in that session loads of hitpoint information having been written. And, as it looks like, not only for the part of audio, that is used in the track, but for the whole length of the audio.
After having removed all hitpoint information from that session through “audio-remove hitpoints” I had the following results:
Save time before: 30 sec. Save time now: less then 1 sec (actually unremarkable)
Project file: before 40 MB, now 10 MB
XML of tracks: before 600 MB, now 27 MB
.csh file of session: before 350 MB, now less then 1 MB


It seems, SB should implement something like an independent, continuous, when-idle
saving feature for those hit points. Whenever a safe process kicks in, most the hit points are already stored …

Considering the huge mass of data those HPs collect, another function seems to be in place: a little spreadsheet-like
window in which one can decide which HPs to keep and which to erase or not to record, at all.

Big K


As a user of both Nuendo and Cubase and experiencing the long save time problem, I tried opening a N6.5 project (90+ minutes, 200 tracks, video…) in Cubase Pro 8. The long save time problem was gone. Even loading time was much shorter.

It definitely looks like SB have found the solution introducing it in C8 first (obviously), and then in the upcoming Nuendo 7.

Let’s take this as good news and keep our fingers crossed.
Good luck to all.


the loading time will be vastly improved in the upcoming Nuendo 7 release (like in
Cubase Pro 8).


OK…So does anybody here actually use the automatic hit point features?
I don’t…turned it off immediately.

Who is using this feature? How do you deal with it?

I have used it on occasion. Usually when I’m making a tempo map from existing audio.

Darren “Mappy” Ingram