6/8 time signature with pickup

Apologies if this has been covered before…

I noticed something odd when trying to create a 6/8 time signature with a single quaver pickup bar in Dorico 1.0.30.

Using the Shift-M pop-over, I can do this with 6/8,1 and it works fine

However, if I try and do the same with the ‘create time signature’ panel, I can’t seem to do so:

  • If I create a Regular 6/8 time signature with a pickup of 1 beat, I get a pickup of 2 quavers
  • However, if I create the same time signature with a pickup of 1/2 beat, I don’t get a pickup at all.

Is this correct behaviour? It’s not what I would expect…


This is indeed not correct behaviour, and it will be improved in the forthcoming 1.1 update. For the time being, you should use the popover rather than the panel, as you’ve found.

I had a similar problem starting a piece in 9/4 with a 1 beat (minim, crotchet) pickup, so I’m pleased to discover that the popover works just fine. Presumably, it has to do with being in compound time.