6 Feature Requests after 6 months of use

The menu is not correct, either. There are two commands available: “Play from Start of Flow” (Option+Shift+Spacebar, as @dankreider said) and “Play from Start of Project” (I use German localization). Both do the same, though, and play from the Beginning of the first flow/Start of Project, as far as I can see.
The commands are found directly in the Play menu, not in a separate sub menu called “Start or Stop Playback” like @dspreadbury described; maybe that’s the only difference of the development build’s GUI here.

Until this feature is corrected, you might use the keycommand “Set playback mark to begin of flow” (default Num,), which works as expected and hit space afterwards.

Daniel was talking about the submenu shown in Preferences > Key Commands, not the Play menu itself.

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Thanks, now I understand. It’s actually there now in 3.5.10.

Separately to that submenu there is a Move Playhead to Start of Flow function. You could set a shortcut for that, then type that shortcut immediately followed by Space (which will play from the current playhead position).

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Ah, missed that one, only looked in the Start or Stop Playback submenu.