6 hours later I still can't get Cubase 11 that I paid for. The payments go through immediately thoug

So how come my payment to Steinberg goes through immediately, but 6 hours later I still can’t get Cubase 11? Did they think there would be no demand? Did they not expect people to want to get it the same day they paid for it?

So I decided to watch the videos to see what I’m missing and guess what? They all give an error message saying they’re not available. So they stream video from the authentication server?

How about using the link in support specifically for purchases? You know, the one that goes to contact information in the support section of AskNet. Yeah, that goes to the AskNet home page with no contact information or links to any kind of support.

It’s not like this is the first time Steinberg has upgraded Cubase. Is this going to be the process from now on?