6 new problems in Cubase 8

I’m disappointed. Steinberg, it’s a shame.
Win7 x64, Focusrire Saffire LE, Cubase 8 Pro 32 bit

  1. If you have plugin (like Waves SSL Channel strip) and during recording rotate any knob, ASIO driver makes crackles. I don’t have this problem in Cubase 5
  2. I had to install 32bit Cubase 8 because my Kontakt 32bit doesn’t sound clean without crackles in Cubase 8 64bit
  3. If you Duplicate track with Mute button pressed, you will have new track with Mute buttom unpressed and there will not any sound. You need to press Mute button two times to get your sound back.
  4. I am not tired to repeat! Make plugin swith on/off buttom visible. I can’t spend a half of second every time when I want to see my plugin!!! Your pop-up buttons on instert slot is aweful. Aslo when you have little inserts it’s not easy to hut correct button.
  5. When I hit the name of plugin I want it to show up quickly. Like in Cubase 5!
  6. We need plugin button on instruments tracks in the mixer

For this one you can click the “E” button in the mixer to edit/assign plugins to that track or click and hold on the “E” button to edit your existing assigned plug in.

Regards :sunglasses: