+60dB voulme on clips


Now that 32bit Float recording is everywhere… why don’t we have +60dB volume on nuendo clips ? is that possible ?
the way to do it for me is to raise the gain both in the clip and in DOP or gain of the entire track.

What…?? :open_mouth:
I would rather recommend a proper recording level as well as a good gain staging… :wink:

Yes. “F7” Direct Offline Processing is your friend in this case, “gain 3x” e.g.

Of course, but it’s an “age related” habit :smiley:

@Jean-Michel B :astonished: :confused: :laughing:

I’m probably older then you guys and been recording on tapes for the beginning of my carrer :wink:
“i recommend a proper recording level as well as a good gain staging” is like saying at the age of internet “i recommend you send a letter with proper stamp as well as good anticipation” :wink:
this tec is available please feel free not to use it but when i have a director doing a documentary on it’s own and have the choice of auto gain on one HF because he can’t manage more and need to focus on content + image already (they all say that)… OR ! give him a F6 for a canon mic on his cam, 2HF automixed and a small stereo mic for ambiances he can put anywhere just by hitting rec once and not bother about the gains… believe me i’m much more happy in the end with the sound !
so yeah +60 would be much straightforward rather than the DOP keycommand 3 times.

oh and it’s not to say directors are lazzy. Actually if you use F6 32bit float you just CAN’t set the gain trim (guess same in sound device ? So it’s not an option or a boomer thing or not about doing it properly or not. 32bitfloat no gain. Guess the job for sound recording is changing. :laughing:

Sylvain, I’m 60. I worked exclusively on tapes between 1979 > 1994. I understand, as Centralmusic probably does, your situation, as I had to live the same several times :wink: