64 bit / 32 bit

Having tried 64 bit for some weeks now - I’ve gone back to 32. Its much more stable. I think it’s down to plugin compatibility, as the more plugins I use the more it crashes.

A lot of the plugins I have a still 32 bit and the convertor thing in the 64 bit version seems to have some way to go yet



sorry to hear that you encounter performance issues. Did you try Nuendo 6.0.4 already?


Have you tried converting your 32bit plugs with Jbridge? I just started using N5 64bit and Jbridge seems pretty good so far. At 14 euro it’s almost free as well.

Yes I have N 6.0.4 and no I don’t havr the J bridge

Looks like I’m going to try it though

I am a bit reluctant as it’s working so well in 32 bit!

I will give it another try though!