64 Bit 5.5.2 Inserts and Sends in real time ?

Hi all,

Ok I admit to being totally puzzled . I’ve recently upgraded to a new Windows 7.0 based DAW which allows me to use Cubaes in 64 bit mode. It’s all installed ok as far as I can tell but I have an issue that I CANNOT find the solution to

I also have Cubase 32 bit installed and DON’T have this issue so won’t go into any great detail about the DAW spec for now as I’m not sure it’s relevant.

I am a pretty experieneced Cubase use (over 10 years and several commercial albums released) but I suspect there is either a bug or a setting that I’m missing somewhere.

So here’s what I’m seeing and it’s driving me mad.

I have Audio Tracks set up with insert effects and send effects (For example a guitar track with the Cubase amp simulator and a reverb) . BUT I cannot hear the effects when playing in real time. I can hear the guitar but the effects are totally bypassed. It’s just straight guitar. Guitar going from input to putput with nothing in between. However, if I record the guitar, the effects are applied to the recorded track

I can load the same song up in Cubase 32 bit and can hear all of the effects in real time as well as with the recorded track.

I’ve checked all of the monitoring options that I can think of and they’re identical in both versions. NO effects are bypassed using switcheswhen using the 64 bit version but they just have no effect at all when playing in real time.

I’m totally prepared to hear that I’m doing something stupid or have have missed something obvious but I just cant see what it is. Any help would be gratefully appreciated


Make sure Direct Monitoring isn’t checked in Device Setup. Effects aren’t printed until mixdown so what you’re hearing is just the wet monitor after recording.

Hi There,

yes I’ve checkedthe Direct Monitoring setup and sadly it doesn’t make any difference.

As far as I can see the 32 bit set up and the 64 bit set up are the same.(Though obviously SOMETHING is different) The hardware is obviously the same so I cant see how that is the issue. I’ve tried a wide variety of insert and send effects, both Steinbergs own and others and none of them make any difference when played in real time but all work with recorded tracks.

In fact those which register input levels such as Ampltiube show NO input when I’m playing live. All I hear is straight guitar.

So still a puzzle I’m afraid


You don’t think you mention this in your post so I’ll ask.
Is the “monitor” button icon activated on the track your recording to?


From the description it really does sound like Direct monitoring is switched on, strange as you say it’s switched off?

Hi All ,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I did think that Direct Monitoring was in the frame as being a culprit but both the 32 bit and 64 bit settings were the same.

I’m afraid I resorted to removing the 64 bit version and reinstalling it again today and lo and behold it now works as it should … Not very logical and no great technical breakthrough I’m afraid … but it works now.