64 bit 5.5 with a Digigram LX6464

Hi Folks, I suspect this might be a hardware driver problem but on the off chance someone else has come across this issue…

We have been running Nuendo since version 2 in multiple audio suites at our university. One license is installed in our OB truck where we run 2 x SB16 Yamaha Ethersound stage boxes, an O2R96 and a custom built PC with a Digigram LX6464ES ethersound card. This setup allows us to multi-track up to 64 channels (if we use the O2R analogue ins as well) and is regularly used to record music performances of live bands. It’s been rock-solid.

Until now we have been running Nuendo 5.0 on WIn XP 32 bit. With the upgrade to 5.5 and a system that needed a reformat we decided to run it up to WIn 7 64 bit, Nuendo 5.5 64 bit and the Digigram 64 bit drivers. Of course this is where I came unstuck. I went through the digigram install and configured the drivers - it asked me to configure direct sound and gave a channel limitation of 32 in either direction. I didnt care too much as I figured Nuendo would use ASIO. But in Nuendo I am only able to get 2 channel generic ASIO drivers. There is no listing for the LX6464 ASIO with low latence as there was before. Any suggestions folks? Latest drivers, latest Nuendo.

Thanks - Pat

I just installed this card in our theater. I wrestled with the same thing. You’re probably going to have to run nuendo 32 bit. Your Digigram drivers are indeed fit for a 64 bit OS but the ASIO support is 32 bit only. Install Nuendo 32 bit version and give it a try.


Darren “32 bit the hand that feeds me” Ingram

Thanks Darren. That was going to be my next step so I’ll give that a go then. It’s a pity DIgigram are not keeping up with software development on these cards. All but conceded defeat to Dante it seems.