64 bit C7 CPU vs 32 bit

Is 64 bit more resource hungry application than 32 bit? More RAM is possible but I wonder if 64 bit is take a heavier load on my fabolous Lenovo thinkcentre 3.0 intel dual core with 8 GB ram.

Yes it is. But is the difference significant… well … it’s up to you to judge by making comparison.

Interesting Jarno. I installed C7 on my computer and use only 64 bit. But I miss the free vst plugins, My Liquidmix etc Most of it works anyway but i dont trust vst bridge.
C6.5 is a lot snappier on my computer. I use both versions now. Maybe I should use C7 32 bit cause C7 64 bit only shows free 3.5 GB on my 8 GB total RAM. The difference is not that much and my Project are pretty small.

By the way, thanks for your program knowledge :wink:

Now … because

  1. Your projects are not big enough to need 64-bit Cubase
  2. You have 32-bit plugins you need/want to use
    I see no reason to use 64-bit Cubase.

Now, if your case was:

  1. Big projects, need 64-bit Cubase
  2. Have/want to use 32-bit plugins
    You should use 64-bit Cubase and use bridge or search alternatives to these plugins.

Or if your case was:

  1. Small project, no need for 64-bit Cubase
  2. No 32-bit plugins
    You might want to use 64-bit anyway for just being sure you are not restricted with bit 32-bit address space.

But as I said, in your case … forget 64-bit. You don’t need it. You don’t get any benefit from it. But it just gives you problems.