64-bit elicenser control center?

Running Cubase Artist 9 on iMac. eLicenser Control Center reporting it is a 32-bit app. Is there a 64-bit version?

No… not at this time.

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Not sure why you’re being told there’s no 64 bit version, as of course it’s soon to be a requirement for Mac (catalina), You can download current version via the support website:-

Version onwards had 64 bit support, as per release note, but it was available in 6.11.4.x too last year but had issues i think:-

FYI: If you’re running Mac Catalina, it’s not recommended by Steinberg until fully tested.

Even the Win 10 task manager reports that the current version is 32 bit. I read the release notes as some of the components were revised to 64 bit. But, apparently the program is still 32 bit that is compatible with 64.

Maybe someone from Steinberg will clarify.

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This is a Mac query, not windows

I know that… but the OP is reporting that the eLCC is reported as 32bit on the Mac and there is nothing in the release notes that lists that the software has been revised to be fully 64bit. I suppose it is compatible but… who knows.

The OP did not say if the latest eLCC was installed on the subject computer. So it would be nice to hear back if the latest is being reported as 64bit. If you have the latest installed, and you have a Mac, what does your Mac report? If it reports 64bit then the case is closed for Mac but the subject would remain for Windows.

FWIW… The attachment shows how the Win 10 task manager shows 32bit programs. If 32bit is not listed then it is 64bit software.

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32bit eLCC.PNG

I posted that it’s 64 bit on Mac, why do you keep applying how the Windows app runs? lol
It’s a completely different eco system dude, Mac is far more advanced when it comes to adopting 64 bit apps correctly. (i don’t mean that in a crappy vs windows way, but more advanced in how strict they are in implementing a 64 bit environment).

There’s no immediate pressure on Windows devs to move to 64 bit - MacOS is completely eradicating 32bit apps. Take a read of the change logs that i referenced, and ALL mentions of 64 bit app development is strictly Mac only. Perhaps you read those items as being for Mac/Win?

If you need a screenshot for me to prove it, here:-

See page 2: https://download.steinberg.net/downloads/Release_Notes.pdf

The conversation I am having here is already focused on the way I interpreted this portion of the release notes (copied from page 2)

“Updated 32-bit components to 64-bit to improve support for latest operating system version.”

To me this does not say they updated the software to 64bit. If they did, this bullet would have been: Added additional new 64 bit version of eLCC.
My thought is that they would have added a new 64bit software and kept a 32bit for OSs that would work better with a 32 bit.

So… they updated components. Maybe the installer portion? I don’t know. But, the 32bit(ness) is pretty much confirmed by the way the OPs Mac and my latest version of Win 10 are reporting it as (32bit).

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Skijumptoes (and Steve)…
Sorry if I missed it but, until this post I did not see where you posted that you do have a version of the eLCC installed on a Mac that is 64bit.

Regardless… you hit the nail on the head when you said that I read the release notes to apply to Mac/Win versus just Mac. My mistake. :blush:

Bottom line…
64 bit eLCC is available for Mac. Not yet for Windows.

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