64 bit maitenance for Win7 x64

So I’ve just formatted and re-installed my entire system to run more streamlined and efficiently on an entirely 64-bit system.

Now, i have 2 VstPlugins folders

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins

However, when i’m reinstalling my plugin packs, some have both x86 and x64 versions of the same plugin.
Is it actually neccessary for me to keep an x86 AND an x64 version of the same plugin. And is it also neccessary for me to seperate the 2 versions into the 2 different folders?

Also, i understand the advanatages in memory/RAM of using a 64-bit DAW - does the same hold true for plugins inside the 64-bit DAW?


It’s not necessary. Actually it may cause harm sometimes. When you open a project originally made with 32bit plugins, Cubase replaces them with the corresponding 64bit plugins. But if there are 32bit versions also in you plugins folder, Cubase may crash, allthough the 32bit versions are not in use. For some reason they haunt there. This is based on my experience and I don’t have a scientific explanation to it.

If cubase 64 bit is your sole daw, all you need is the 64 bit version of your vsts…

Yes, separate the folders if you have variable bit plugs ( or anything that can be installed ) 32bit anything always in programfiles(x86) folder, 64 bit in program files

Yes, 32 bit software can only utilize 2 gigs of ram…


So, it’s fine to delete the x86 plugs if i already have the equivalent in the x64 folder? right?

Though, i guess my old Wavelab 5 won’t recognise the x64 plugs. So, in that case, i assume the logical thing would be to move the x86 plugs (i require) to the specific Wavelab PlugIns folder.

Sure, if you dont need them (32bit) in any other program, you can uninstall them…

For your old wavelab - you can keep the 32bit plugs in your normal folder… Cubase will only use the 64bit versions…

Tip: check out the plugin manager in cubase (devices - plugin information) here you can manually activate/deactivate plugins and set vst2 paths…