64-bit Nuendo 5.5 & Waves V8 = NO GO?

Nuendo team,

My Waves V8 plugins are not recognised under Nuendo 5.5 64-bit. They are however recognised under N5.5 32-bit mode. What’s the point in coming up with updates which are not 'fit for purpose"? If this is a common problem, I now have three options:

In Mac Snow Leopard platform,

Option 1. Will this work under Lion? I can upgrade to it if it does…
Option 2. Trash Nuendo and move back to my old friend Logic 64-bit
Option 3. Use Nuendo 5.1 if it is any good for Waves V8 - can you guys please confirm this, and advise how to install 5.1?


Is Nuendo 5.1 64-bit?
Just realised it does not work under Lion…! What a mess…

This is not a new issue

It’s up to waves to give you 64bit support with their plugins. Which I’m sure they’ll charge you for when they decide to do it.

Some 32bit plug ins work in 64bit with the vstbridge, others don’t. It’s not a one size fits all. Another culprit is GRMtools.

In the meantime, you might try jBridge. It worked with waves v7.

Or, there are many much better sounding and flexible alternatives that are a fraction of the price.

Thanks Kid Dropper Sound…

Or, there are many much better sounding and flexible alternatives that are a fraction of the price.

May I ask, such as?

My personal opinion here

DMG audio EQuality
DMG audio COMPassion

You will never need another eq/notch/comp/limit again. The single thing missing is harmonics of the notches, but Postfilter does a very good job with that. Both come with VST2.4 (32/64) VST3 (32/64) RTAS. Both have demo’s www.dmgaudio.com For what they do, they are a steal.

I rarely need anything else besides verb and I use reverence.

Again it’s my personal opinion but I feel like Waves is the digidesign of plugins… the rested on their name and popularity and actually produce an inferior product. It’s great for the little guys because it keeps the bar and a beatable height … ultimately good for us too…

Is there Nuendo 5.1 64-bit update on Mac platform?

As far as I know 5.5 is the only nuendo version that will work in 64bit on the mac.


Right off the console technology…
12 amazing plugs.

Seems quite interresting… But it is always about price also… Couldn’t find information about how much they cost and how to get them…

Bye / Tumppi

They are about 525 EURO in Germany.

Hi Kid Dropper Sound,
I downloaded the demo version of these plugs - I must say I was totally blown away with these! Thanks for sharing!!

You can run N5.5 in OSX in 32bit mode just fine. Then Waves V8 works.
Just right click the N5.5 app, choose “show info” and tick the 32bit check box.

Waves is rumoured to be working on 64 bit support.


Yes it’s working in 32-bit fine…
Now I’m trying to figure out a possible work around, which is, if I use KONTAKT 4 in 32-bit N5.5 to load the VIs, will I be able to use 8GB RAM through KONTAKT’s server?

I started using Vienna Ensemble pro. Even in 32 bit mode it utilises all the memory. It’s a pain at first, but like all software it takes a bit of time to get used to.

It only works for instruments at the moment (AU instruments only, on Mac) not effects plugins, but it’s usually the instruments that take the RAM anyways!

You can use as many instruments as your RAM will take without loading up Nuendo - it’s fab!

Indeed, Waves v8 work fine with jBridge.

They started at 998 Euro, at first, now 525, as Kallevsven wrote.
But you can get them for 268 Euro ( 12 plugs!!) when you are eligible to EDU scheme.
There is a free demo ( iLok, uncomplicated…). Won the Editors Choice 2009.
Installer is here…left side … http://www.lawo.de/de/produkte/daw-products.html

I know LAWO consoles from some broadcasting jobs. Superb technology, excellent sound, hard to beat.
I am now investigating their DolbyE encoding/decoding plug they developed with Minetonka.

Big K

Personally I found the DMG Equality eq hyped beyond it’s ability.

I tried the Waves CLA and Maserati plugs (demo) recently on Drums and Bass Guitar tracks and I got terrific results a zillion times better as compared to what I could achieve with a combination of DMG EQ and Compassion. It could be because of my limitation of the understanding and expertise of how EQ and Compression works in various scenarios but at the end of the day what matters is what I could achieve using the tools I have. What do the experts say?

so is there something like Jbridge for Mac to run Waves V8 within Nuendo 5.5 64 Bit on Lion ???


Don’t think so. It looks like we’ll have to wait until waves get their act together…