64 bit or 32 bit c6 ?

im just about to do a clean install on my new lapping and ive got a load of audio to work on in c6 but my question is ,ive recorded most of the audio in 32 bit c5 …now if i install 64 bit on my lappy can i save the files as 32bit on the 64 bit c6 ?

might be a noob question but could help someone else as well :smiley:


It doesn’t matter. The .cpr files open in either/or, both versions. So nothing to worry about.

bloody marvelous thanks for that ! :wink:

You can also have both installed at the same time, they are totally independent.

cool :wink:

i must say including all the updates to 6.04 that is the smoothest install i have ever had in all these years ,not a problem at all , audio files loaded up as expected , i think the 64 bit base station might be due a v64 bit make over and move finally to win 7 (thought id never be saying it )

But don’t forget: 64bit projects that break the 32bit memory barrier will not open in 32bit Cubase obviously - it can’t see that much memory. For example if you have a project of 4gigs+ in your 64bit version of cubase, that won’t open in 32bit Cubase.

Aloha f,

I agree with all the other posts but keep in mind this is not a practice
you want to do very often. (nubies pay attention)

I think this may be # 2 in the ‘Rules of Thumb’.
(#1 being, back-up back-up back-up)

Finish all projects in your current DAW situation
before up-date/grading.

Not doing so can lead to some major problems.

However in this case because you will be going from one version
of Cubase to another any probs should be minimal.

But be careful.

yes thanks curteye and mpower what i’ll do is install the 32 bit version as well just in case of error’s like that :wink:

i must say i can’t believe how easy and stable it is on this second generation I 5 processor and im just waiting for my other 4gb of ram to turn up but 1 x 8 hour recording with all channel inserts and master inserts taken up to really push it and test the asio only reached buffer only reached 75% including using the amp rack and reverance which im very surprised at. I never thought id say this but it’s time to convert the base station to win 7 now the midex drivers are sorted .

well done steiny i take my hat of to you !