64 bit plug ins

Hi all,
I have been playing with the new Cubase Pro 9.5, and I wanted to make sure that I was using the correct plug ins to enable me to utilize the 64 bit processing that is now available.

I was watching the latest Club Cubase hangout, and Greg Ondo said that we could make ONLY 64 bit suitable plug ins visible in the plug in manager, which I thought was a great idea.

So I clicked on “show plug ins that support 64 bit processing” and I am suddenly down to 56 plug ins from 176? There are only 3 plug ins (Voxengo, Mellowmuse and TB Pro audio) that are deemed suitable and that arent Stenbergs, so I was wondering if this is correct or maybe just a marketing ploy by Steinberg?

The rest of my plugs are (by quantity) Wave, then Focusrite and Audio Damage, they are all legal, and they are all up to date, and non of them appear on the plug in manager “black list”, so why arent they suitable for 64 bit processing, and if I use them, how does it effect 64 bit processing?

To be clear, the other plug ins are still on my system, but by default, they have been listed as not suitable for 64 bit processing.
Has anyone else seen this or can anyone explain why this is so?

Thanks and regards,

Jim B

It would be good idea maybe to have a thread sticky, or a list with 64 bit compatibility .

Hi Beerbong,

Do you mean for me to create a list, because out of all my non-Steinberg plugs there were only 3 vendors.
Voxengo, which was Curve eq, and Mellowmuse & TB Pro audio.
I’m not at my computer at present, so I don’t know what the other 2 plug ins do. I’m pretty sure they are freebies as I don’t recognise the names, and I can’t remember ever using them!!!

Sorry to be dense, but what’s a thread sticky???

Jim B

The manual should answer at least some of your questions.


A “sticky” is a forum post that is stuck to the top of the list of threads so it can be easily referred to. They’re the ones with the paperclip icon in here…you can’t sticky a thread yourself, Steinberg have to decide it’s worthy of stickying.

Thanks Grim.

Jim B

Grim, I wasn’t implying for you to make one as you’ve already told us your list. More a suggestion for community or Steinberg to for an official 64 bit working thread.
It is surprising and informative to know which ones are/are not, such as Waves, for example.


But they will sound as they always have, the ones that use 32bit float internal processing.
The ones using 64Bit float processing might be improved by fewer rounding errors, maybe interesting for mastering in a good room with very good speakers.
Not saying it is not relevant, but Every step in the production will probably have more impact on the sound than, if the plugins are processing 32Bit or 64Bit

Not me.

OH, my bad on the names.

Slate Digital,DMG Audio,Eiosis,Sonimus,PSP support the new pristine 64-bit floating-point mixing engine.
It’s enough for no-compromise mixing

Don’t be overly concerned, the audible difference is non-existent. I’ve done multiple renders at 32 and 64, and as long as I don’t use a spacial effect, the results null.