64-bit processing- the feature I'm going to pay for

Oh, Thanks God, our discussion again turned into professional level! At the very beginning I said that I compared files MIXED on 32 and 64 bits (files were 16 bit ones). Never tried to claim that I hear the difference between 32 and 64 bits single files.

Cubase has just provided us with more precise tool for MAKING music, not just LISTENING. We can manage without it and make interesting things even on Windows Movie Maker :wink: but- at professional level- better and more precise tools we have- more chance we get to create a real masterpiece. At the price of 60 Euro (upgrating from 9) and a little more processing power, it is worth to try!

You guys… this is a very, very old discussion. It has been beaten to death with every incremental change in audio technology.
The future is 64-bit processing, it is true. We will all get there some day.

Of course, incredible records can be made on 32-bit systems…or 16-bit systems…or tape…or 4-track…or 2-track…or even direct-to-acetylene.

Mixing with the new engine will not make your mixes better. And kids these days are just gonna encode it to mp3 and listen in the car through earbuds… so it really doesn’t matter.

All that said- I am as much a gear-sloot as the next guy. Bring on the new stuff! :slight_smile:

Pity you didn’t start the discussion professionally rather than with hyperbole such as how your mixes were suddenly “Audiophile” because of the 64bit engine. :laughing: