64 bit rewire

I have just installed cubase 6 and reason 6 both in 64 bit mode on a 64 bit windows 7 os. rewire is not active! is this an install issue or is this the state of things and what can I do to resolve this other than resorting to 32 bit os and software?

Been discussed before. 64bit rewire in C6 will be coming in a future update (so they say?)

there is a post on propellerheads site regarding this…

I just had the same issue…

you can install reason in 32bit mode…

Follow these instructions :

  1. Open the Reason DVD (or the Reason download package, if you have downloaded the program from the web)
    in the Windows Explorer.

  2. Right-click the “Install Reason.exe” file and select “Create Shortcut”.
    If the file is on the DVD, you will be asked if you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop - click Yes.

  3. Locate the shortcut you just created, right-click it and select “Properties”.

  4. On the “Shortcut” page of the Properties dialog, locate the Target field and add " /32" (without the quotes) at
    the very end. The Target field should say
    “D:\Install Reason.exe” /32
    (although the drive letter may not be “D”, depending on your setup).

  5. Click OK.

  6. Double click the shortcut file to install a 32-bit version of Reason.
    The installed Reason version will have the name “Reason (32)” on the Start menu and desktop. You can have the
    regular 64-bit version installed at the same time if you like. "

Make sure u are running Cubase 6 in 32 bit aswell


Yup, until the time comes, I’m running both 64 and 32 bit Reason 6 and Cubase 6, too.

Pain in the neck to keep sorted between rewire and VST2/3 x64/x86 and JBridge. It takes literally 6 plugin folders.

  1. Normal x86 vst2 folder
  2. Normal x64 vst2 folder
  3. x86 vst3 folder
  4. x64 vst3 folder
  5. x64 -> x86 JBridge folder, for 64 bit VSTi’s like Kontakt. Can run 64 bit Kontakt in 32 bit Cubase.
  6. x86 -> x64 JBridge folder, for old 32 bit only VST’s. Still too many of these!

I have it working like a charm though.