64 bit rewire

Reaper x64 just got it in v4.15 and has also included a 32 bit rewire bridge for some time, as well as a solid, working VST bridge. Just sayin’

Love my Cubase, just want that 64 bit rewire. When I have to load 32 bit Cubase and Reason, it feels like I have very little room for anything else.

This post is me indicating my preference for some urgency on this matter, above perhaps other features in the pipeline. This is the one that I need.

Exactly how many topic we need about this same thing?

Greetings; Have your looked at using Rewire VST from Energy-XT? I tried it with with Cubase 6 x64 and Rebirth 338, and it works fine, though there are known channel limitations. There’s a Rewire VST demo that you can use to try things it.

Another dimension of this problem (no Cakewalk pun intended) is use of rex and rex2 loops with Cubase x64; i’ve found a workaround for this that has been pretty reliable. I took the rewire 64.dll that comes with Kontakt 4, and dropped a copy of it in the Cubase 6 x64 directory (i may have put it in a couple other locations – wherever the regular rewire.dll can be found).

Rex loops play fine for me in Cubase x64, and appear normally in the Media Bay.

If i find out that i’m breaking any licensing agreement by using the NI file in this way, would definite stop…but i haven’t seen or heard anything yet against using rewire 64.dll in other apps. i


Hey braineeter -
Thanks for the suggestion though I’m reluctant to spend more money and time on a 3rd party bridge for something that we will get anyway, then will make all my projects sort of broken if I have to re-rewire them. I’m limping by on the 32 bit solution for now. Eventually, I should be able to open them in the 64 bit versions with no extra effort.

Regarding rex loops…I never use them in Cubase. I either use them converted to Stylus RMX or in Reason. I did just try importing them into both 32 and 64 bit Cubase, and it worked in both cases. It placed the slices in the right spot, but they weren’t marked as musical so it didn’t get the stretching right, though the hits/slices were in time. This probably works well for drum loops, but doesn’t work as well for musical loops. I’m wondering what actual problem you solved by copying the dlls around (?)

Both 64 and 32 bit versions of Cubase have a copy of “Rex Shared Library.dll” in their folders.

I’m wondering what actual problem you solved by copying the dlls around (?)

Greetings; When i originally installed Cubase 5 x64 (which i went to straight from SX3), Rex loops were not showing up in the media bay or any other Cubase content browser, and i couldn’t use Rex/Rex2 stuff at all – judging from what i’ve seen in various forum threads, i thought this was a common problem with Cubase x64.

Once i installed NI’s rewire 64.dll in the Cubase folder, i could use Rex stuff fine. (As an aside, i’ve got Sonar X1 x64 Producer installed on my DAW, and Rex loops always worked fine with it.)

I can see your point about starting off with Rewire VST, then eventually having to reroute all your songs once Cubase eventually implements a solution of its own. I’ve had three or four different audio interfaces in the past couple years, and every time i got a new one, i would have to change the i/o routings for every single previousl-started project that i continued to tinker with, a real PITA.