64-bit success!

I’ve been holding off writing this, since I’ve had nothing but instability with C7.x since day 1. However, last week I started with a clean project in the 64-bit version and so far have not had 1 crash.

I’ve always been reluctant to try 64-bit, since I rely on too many 32-bit plug-ins (SoundToys, etc.), but I have been able to set these up inside Vienna Ensemble and run them back into Cubase. And it is working brilliantly!

So, I will probably never know why the 32-bit version was so troublesome for me. I would get random crashes daily, which made it impossible to use. I had tried everything under the sun to resolve its issues, including not using any 3rd party plug-ins, and it would still crash.

So, I’m happy at last!

Mayble some plugins hit the 32 bit memory limit. Cubase by itself takes a lot of memory and doesn’t leave much for the plugins.

No crashes since I updated over 3 months ago, I’ll say it again cubase 7.5.1 feels like any other app on my mac and I do take it to the limit.

Cheers :smiley:

and once you got your instances in VEP setup in a good way, you will notice you will be able to run about twice as much as in (any) DAW alone. And from then one you will never be working without it… and as i am, maybe within a year you will be adding that extra computer in your setup. The sky is the limit is maybe a bit overrating, but flying very high is accurate i think. Glad you got things sorted out.

kind regards,

Is your OS 64 bit?

On a side note, what is the Epic Orchestra library like?

I also use 64- bit exclusively on the mac and have 0 problems with crashing. I no longer use 32-bit plugins of any sorts, which I think really does help the matter. Anyways glad you got it worked out steve.


I recently cleaned my plugin folder, getting rid of a many plugins that i rarely use.
That helps a lot! Who needs 200 different EQ and Comp plugins anyway? :wink:

Cubase 7.5.1 (64Bit) is running perfectly on my Setup btw.


Another plus I have noticed with the 64-bit version is how quickly Cubase shuts down. It used to take forever, yet now it’s a matter or 2 or 3 seconds. Great!

Cubase 7 is a pig in 32 bit. Try adding a virus Ti in there and your close to max ram usage. Total bull. I really don’t want to go through the pain of upgrading to 64bit but it seems like I’m being forced to. Oh well there goes 5 hours of my life.

Isn’t there some sort of jbridge for 32 bit plugins??

Of course but the requirements on the whole are a little more.

Yes, had the exact same problem. Virus TI only works well in 64bit Cubase. In 32bit Cubase, if you use more than ~1 Gb of RAM, when adding the Virus TI you get a blue screen/crash. I tried going 64bit in Cubase 5 but it was a pita with almost no 32 plugins working. With jBridge I can still load old projects. That is crucial!

I am using the latest jBridge for 32bit plugins and it is so much better than the built-in one in Cubase. ALL (!) my old 32bit plugins are working fine! :stuck_out_tongue:

64 bit


got rid of ANYTHING 32bit as quick as i could…

haven’t had a crash in Cubase 7.

SoundToys 64 bit VST OSX is now released! Hallelujah

No probs here either running on 64bit mac …

one thing I’ve never quite understood tho … whats the big issue with running 64bit mode … when all the 32bit plugs will run on it any way ?



You made my day!

As a matter of interest do you use a Drum Sampler like BFD3? I was always having problems as the kit sizes are enormous in memory consumption. 64 bit has been a revelation from that point of view. I am glad you are a happy camper now.

I use Battery 4, but not so heavy on the RAM.

Exactly the point, they don’t run well on 64 bit in any case.

Would like to switch to 64-bit myself, but unfortunately I still have a few plugs that aren’t 64-bit, and most likely never will be, unless I shell out for newer versions.