64 bit version - how much memory?


I have win 7 home premium 64 bit and want to access >4GB memory. Up until now, I’ve been running the 32bit Cubase 5.5. How much memory can you access in the 64bit Cubase 5? Which version is best? Or do I need to upgrade to Cubase 6?

My desire is to run many kontakt 5 instances - lots’o drums and orchestral samples.

Many thanks!

Mike Paul Hughes


CB5 64 bit will access all the memory you have … up until W7 home premium bottlenecks.

Cubase probably don’t have any particular memory restrictions to worry about.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit has a physical memory limit of 16 GB:

(URL works but you will have to copy the entire URL and paste into browser address.)

You can look up motherboard max memory on the manufacturer’s web site.

At least this gives you a place to start… :wink:

Well I hope 16GB does the trick. Next step is Win7 professional at 192GB. I just bought a new mobo, processor and memory to get out of this crunch.



If I were you and had the means, I would upgrade to Cubase 6.5.

The reason is simpley because I am sure that Steinberg creates better 64-bit routines with every update/upgrade, for better performance, stability, etc.

Anyways, good luck, mate!