64 bit vs 32 bit

So, what’s the advantage of using 64 bit over 32 bit??
When or why should I use 64 bit??

32bit OS has a memory limit of 4GB. Using a 64bit OS will remove that limit to what max mem your motherboard can handle, probably 24 or 32GB. That’s the most important thing, as big sample libs, synths & plugins uses lots of memory.


Okay, I was thinking of putting in an extra 4 G in the near future, but I’m not using a lot of VSTsynths or big sample libraries, so I dont have any performance issues (yet??)

64 bit is far better -IF, your drivers support the change and IF you dont mind writing off the occassional legacy VST. VSTbridge (steinbergs attempt ot bridge a vst from 32 bit to 64) is notoriously unreliable (or was when I last dared to use it. Jbridge is a very cheap alternative which handles most things very well. Some plug ins will never be written in 64 bit.
All that said my Cubase has run 64 bit for a couple of years entirely crash free.