64 bit Wavelab ?

Hello, is a 64 bit Wavelab coming ?

This should normally come later this year, I can’t say more.

Hi PG, thanks for your answer ! :smiley:
Will this give a free update for registered users?

Likely, but I am not in charge of this kind of decision.
Only think I can say, is that 64 bit in on my schedule for this year. Period.


the 64bit floating point code of Wavelab will still have the same software, same interface and same lousy work flow based on an early 90’s designed editor… which is just called “wavelab” :laughing:

Since the regular (32bit ?) application installs , loads up and works & starts up “fine” in win7 64bit, honestly i don’t see any advantage neither benefit to see the same software to be recoded in 64bit …

Workfow is something individual. If your workflow in Wavelab is lousy, you might need a different program - or try a different way of working. For most of us, Wavelab offers great workflow - for me it always has done.

Luck, Arjan

… with THAT level of understanding, I think your problems may lay elsewhere.

Wavelab is a Masterpiece. Period.

+1…I had to giggle just a wee bit on that one :slight_smile:



the 64bit Update will be free of charge.


Oh, this is a very good information ! :mrgreen: Thanks

Now that is good news. I run all 64bit except wavelab. I was reluctant to by it due to it only being 32bit. I would have been really anoyed if 64bit was chargable. Anyway it’s not so I look forward to it :slight_smile:

Hi, Folks!

Not sure 64 bits will really be significant unless it accelerates processing speeds.

A quick search of Wikipedia indicates that for PCM and WAVE files:
the dynamic range in decibels is equal to 1.76 + 6.02 * bits. So, for 64 bit resolution, we’re talking [1.76+6.0264] = 387.04 dB. COWABUNGA! (F.W.I.W., for 32 bits: [1.76+6.0232] = 194.4 dB )

64 bit depth is a dynamic range on the order of solar destruction in astronomical dimensions! The human hearing system crosses over into physical body pain around +135 dB SPL; the atmosphere of the earth distorts around +170 dB SPL as evidenced by the USA Space Shuttle launches. Anything with a dynamic range for audio of +387 dB is massive overkill akin to a FOAB or MOAB device… and then some! It makes a “Daisy Cutter” resemble a small firecracker! :open_mouth:

Although bigger bit depth numbers may sound like a better, more accurate way to capture audio (from a marketing and sales standpoint!), it’s suspected that 64 bit depth audio is a total waste of bits. Unless, as pointed out earlier, 64 bits can be used to improve computational speeds, but this has little or no relation to audio bit depths, just faster, more accurate CPU number crunch processing under certain circumstances. Floating point mathematics permits order of magnitude changes in calculations, so with floating point, 32 bit depth audio calculations, there’s more than enough (pardon the pun) room to play! :stuck_out_tongue:

64 bits in this context refers to the computer instruction set and associated operating system API, not to the audio resolution. There is no relationship between these things.


The main advantage will be that we can run 64bit plugins natively with Wavelab, along with the app itself running natively on 64bit OSs, which means it has access to squillion-loads more memory.

Great, looking forward to it!

But in reality, for mastering, why would you need so much memory, its not like you have to run giant VSTi like in your production DAW.

You’re right, the greater memory probably won’t make a load of difference much of the time, but if you were using a lot of long high-resolution audio files, e.g. in a Montage, you might be grateful to be able to smash through the 3GB ceiling from time to time.

But if plugins are tending towards being 64bit, it’ll be good to be able to share them seamlessly between our 64bit DAW and Wavelab (and at last be able to use the Wavelab Sonnox plugs in our 64bit DAWs…?) :slight_smile:

hi, now is “later this year”. the last information is 6 months old. is there light on the horizon for the 64bit WL ? :question:

Hello Steinberg,

why I get no response ? :neutral_face:

on 31.Jan. TimoWildenhain wrote:


the 64bit Update will be free of charge."

Where is it ??? Please give us an information ! :frowning: