64 bits.When?

Hello all.

My first post for years.

Am I the only one who thinks that 4 GB of ram is a bit low now with all those hungry plug ins out there.
So I thought I will switch to Cubase 64 bits and take full advantage of my 16 GB

Well, to my amazement, most of my plug are still not 64 bits compatible.
I am not talking obscure stuff there, but plug ins like Independence, ElectraX, Gladiator, Ivory, Halion Sonic, GrooveAgent3, Nexus, all Arturia stuff, Korg etc…

Or, am I missing something? a button to press? a box to tick maybe?


HalionSOnic is available in 64 bit, download it from steinberg.

The majority of manufacturers aren’t making fast efforts to have 64 bit support ready.
But in my opinion you can get away with most 32 plugs in a 64 bit environment unless it’s a hungry for memory application like samplers or convolution technologies, that said I use halion4 but still on 32 bit as I still haven’t reached my limit with 32 bit software, but I do only sketches, the bigger projects are only mixdowns and masterings so no need for big amounts memory.

Thanks for the Halion Sonic info

Gone back to 32 for the time being.